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After years if not decades, I've finally managed to motivate and begin to construct the rochmis.com website again. This is just a starting point to see how it all works. Stay tuned.

But before tuning, why not read some things I’ve written in my previous life as a writer/reporter/columnist for SF Gate and Wired News.

This is a story I did for the Gate for one of the anniversaries of the sea lions' return to Pier 39 in San Francisco. It’s a three-parter. You can start with Part I.

Have you been to Crabonanza? Here is the story that started it all. Yet another three-parter.

One of my favorites, for Wired News, is a rant against Microsoft Word.

And speaking of rants, I've always felt that road rage is a fine, inexpensive alternative to therapy. Also from the Gate.

Here's a piece I did at the 2000 U.S. Olympic Track and Field trials on an innovative training technology that evidently is helping quite a few world-class athletes.

Here is a new group from Lawrence Lessig that has promising ideas, Change Congress: